Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hackensaw Boys, Pete Kartsounes, and That Damn Sasquatch Friday the 13th Larimer Lounge

That's Some Serious Entertainment for a Friday the 13th. 

Hackensaw Boys

 With feet firmly planted in the old-time song tradition, hands soiled by the dirt of rock n’ roll and eyes fixed steadily on the future of real country music, the Hackensaw Boys are among the most exciting groups charting new territory in today’s diverse Americana music scene.
 How does it work? Everybody sings a bit of lead, everybody sings a bit of harmony and most members know when to shut up. Instrumentation includes banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, upright bass, charismo (a home-made tin can contraption) and the occasional trap kit. Where do they come from? In the beginning they all lived in Charlottesville, VA, but now the members are spread throughout Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Louisana.

For more than a decade, however, they’ve come together to tour the United States, Europe and the U.K. and to record several critically acclaimed albums. n award winning singer-songwriter and a cutting-edge musician's musician,

Pete Kartsounes

Pete Kartsounes is fulfilling a vision of writing music in the key of truth. This heavily seasoned performer/songwriter has spent most of his life traveling the globe and creating original music that entertains and enlightens any room. Pete is on a quest to enrapture you with his soul filled music, to be celebrated by music lovers, and to make a difference one note, one word and one show at a time.

That Damn Saquatch

That Damn Sasquatch is a Denver based band with multi musical interests and instrumentation. While blending the genres of Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Cajun, and Rock, the band's mixture of versatile originals and eclectic covers ensure every show is an amazing and unique performance. want to know more about That Damn Sasquatch? your on our website right now. Take a look around.

Larimer Lounge

Establisthed in 2002 in what used to be the shady side of town, the Larimer Lounge has molded itself into one of Denver's go to music venues for both local and national up and coming acts. If you want to see your favorite band with a couple hundred other people in a setting that still retains a soul, and before they go mainstream...come on down.

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